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Automotive and Transportation Systems (ATS) Technical Committee

  • Engine/powertrain dynamics / control                  
  • Vehicle dynamics / control
  • Fault detection and diagnosis in vehicles                  
  • Sensing/actuation
  • Autonomous vehicles, automated highway, and intelligent transportation systems
  • Alternative Propulsion/Energy Storage Systems
  • Vehicle Active and Passive Safety Systems
  • Integrated Driver/Vehicle/Environment Sensing and Control

The committee plans to begin electing a Best Paper Award in 2011. 

ATS Best Paper Award Process. 

Chair: Junmin Wang

Vice Chair: Taehyun Shim

Recording Secretary: Marcello Canova 

Session Organizer: Mahdi Shahbakhti 

Former Chairs:

Greg Shaver

John Ferris

Sean Brennan

David Bevly

John Wagner

Chris Gerdes

Anna Stefanopoulou

Andrew Alleyne

Huei Peng

Giorgio Rizzoni

John J. Moskwa

Harry Law

J. Karl Hedrick


Junmin Wang

Associate Professor

Ohio State University

201 W. 19th Ave.

Columbus, Ohio 43210

Telephone: 614-247-7275

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